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profileI have a feeling that you’ll be able to find out far more about me by reading the posts of this blog than by reading this little page.  However, you may be short on time and I, for one, can understand that completely.  So, let’s give it a go.

I’m a guy who has spent a lot of time in other worlds and hanging around with people that don’t exist.  It’s a gift.  It’s a curse.  When I am in this world, which tends to be in rolling hills near Bloomington, Indiana, I’m a father of three amazing kids, husband to an awesome wife, and best friend to an amazing soul in the body of a dog.  I have a deep and spiritual love of the natural world around us.  You can read more about that over on my other blog;

I love creativity.  I love stories.  I love the creative burn one gets when your chin deep in telling an amazing tale and you’ve forgotten what time it is.  Heroes, villains, and landscapes come with me wherever I go.  I like making up places that don’t exist and then taking whomever will listen out on a tour.

This is my blog as I spin a few yarns, discuss what makes us tick creatively, and move forward in trying to get professional about all of it.  Wish me luck!

All material on this blog, unless otherwise mentioned, is copyright, 2009, Bryan Roberts.

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