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Some People Sing

January 5, 2011

I realized something this past year.  I’m incredibly creative in the shower.  Maybe it’s why some people sing or talk to themselves?  Whatever loosens a person’s vocal chords and inhibition, for me, seems to loosen up my creativity and storytelling.  Maybe it’s the perception of privacy behind the closed door, pulled shower curtain and wall of water in a confined space?  I’m not sure what it is but what I do know is that as I relax, my mind wanders.  As my mind wanders the ideas start coming fast and furious.

This can be incredibly frustrating.

My office is right next to the bathroom so there have been many times I’ve finished up quickly, toweled off and rushed to my desk, clad only in said towel, to type out those ideas or scribble down what thoughts I could before they misted off into the void.  Usually, it’s too late.  Or worse case scenario, I have to get dried off, dressed and dash off somewhere that involves responsibility or errands and doesn’t involve sitting at my desk.  I feel like I might as well be throwing a handful of delicate gems in the trash.

It doesn’t apply to only writing.  All manner of inspirations come to find me in that little steam cubicle, from organizational ideas to how to better handle a clunky project at work.  Funny enough, this  included the final idea that allowed me to put an end to all of my shower woes.

“How can I get this stuff recorded for later?”  The question rattled around and around.  I was leery about a voice recorder.  Last I checked, electronics were a no-no around moisture.  Maybe hire a secretary to dictate my thoughts?  I think my wife would disapprove.  Hire my wife to do the same?  More of a possibility but not by much.

What about a dry-erase board?  Uhm, what part of “dry-erase” do you knot get, genius?  I started thinking about a small piece of chalkboard but wondered if the chalk would clog the drain.  Then, it hit me.  I dashed out and typed out a Google search for “scuba underwater writing.”  I could almost hear the choir of angels floating over my computer desk when the results were in and the solution to my problem stood a mere click away.

It’s called a dive slate.

Now, I don’t know how the stars had to align in order to get a dive shop landlocked in the middle of South-Central Indiana but I already knew we had one in my hometown.  Another quick search and I had the location; no more than five minutes away!  Oh, kind fates, how I thank you!  Over the holiday break, I took a quick drive, decided to spend $10 of  Santa money and came home raring to get wet!

Yes, it worked like a charm.  I purchased the 6″ x 8″ slate and the size is perfect for writing notes and even small paragraphs of fiction.  The pencil writing does have a tendency to smear just a bit and you have to be careful holding it.  The small pencil is a bit of a pain but any pencil will work.  I’ve even thought about using the cheapo plastic mechanical pencils for this sort of thing.  Who cares if it gets wet if it works?

Yes, you can use both sides and after you’ve dried your hair AND put on pants, the wonderful snippets of creativity are waiting patiently and sitting on a towel.  Warning – y0u have to let it air dry because drying it off has the same effect as, well, a big cloth eraser.  As eraser’s go, anything will work to clean it up when you are done.  I use a kneaded eraser from any self-respecting art and craft store.  A big Pink Pearl eraser would do just as well.  I don’t think I need to say this but, for your own sake, wait until it’s dry.

For those that may either be financially or scuba shop challenged and/or don’t want to pay shipping charges, I offer a site I discovered AFTER I’d purchased mine – DIY Dive Slate.  Yes, they’re pretty easy to make and I might just have to craft a larger upgrade in the near future.

The ability to make my own larger version is good because, with this new discovery, I  may have to start putting back funds for a larger water bill.

There are other jokes I could have gone with there but I decided to keep it clean.

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