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My Shift This Evening

January 13, 2010

So, it’s a tough gig.  I’m behind in my word count.  I’m behind in logged hours.  My office is a bit chilly and my computer refuses to place words on the screen no matter how much I stare at it or rock back in my chair.

Chances are, if you’re a writer, you already know what I’m talking about.  If you’re not a writer I’m not sure how to get you to understand just how hard this can be.

It’s been a long day.  Woke from an absolute crazy dream way before my alarm clock and put in a full day, finished up my office shift and headed home.  My wife is sick so I made dinner.  Well, that’s not true exactly.  I went and got dinner.  When I got back home my oldest son opened the cans of soup and warmed it up.  I served them in the bowls with a clean spoon.

Does that count?

I ate a bowl of soup, shared some laughs, and then I forced myself downstairs to turn on some music and stare at an old short story that needs a shot in the arm and about 20,000 extra words attached to it.

My family is upstairs watching some entertaining TV.    I can hear them through the cieling so I just turn my music up a bit more.   The glaring white of the Microsoft Word document stares back at me.  I consider if its possible to change the color from such an offensive and insulting white.  I remind myself that no matter how much I change the color its still going to be blank until I get to work.

I shrug my shoulders, roll my neck, decide to write a blog post to get warmed up.  I get dug in.

This is me.

Here I go.

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  1. Mom permalink
    January 13, 2010 5:44 am

    Food for thought….If I gave you $$and a cabin far away what would you write about? What is the passion?

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