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Welcome to the Harbor

October 18, 2009

Allegory Harbor is a place. I’m not sure where it is exactly. It could be this blog but it might also be somewhere “out there.” It’s a place where creativity can come and go, anchor up whenever and wherever it sees fit. It’s a place where I can sail my stories.

I originally started this site because I wanted a place which could contain my storytelling.  As the idea grew, it started to become something much more than what I started with in the first place. I realized I wanted to add in my commentary on writing and story crafting.  To me, stories are magical. They weave themselves from nothingness yet manage to touch our lives in some way. They inspire us to greatness or perhaps just entertain us, pull us away from our everyday reality so, when we are finished, we look at our life with a lighter mindset.

I wanted a place where the stories, worlds, and characters parading through my head on a daily basis had a place to go. I’ve been running out of room up there for some time and I’ve got characters and situations that stretch back further than I care to count. The ships and passengers just keep coming in but, once there, they have no where to go.  They cram up against each other, bumping into each other’s hulls, chatter amongst themselves and while this is going on I’ve got to walk around and carry on normal conversations with normal everyday people in my normal everyday life.

I’m telling you, it’s getting crowded and I needed a place to put some of them!

I’ve walked away from writing many times in my life. Sometimes due to frustration, sometimes out of necessity to put food on the table. I always ended up coming back to it in some form. It’s in my blood and I’m a better person when I’m doing it. Even during those times of forced abstinence I was still storytelling, writing stories on a game’s forum board, running a roleplaying game for my children, or spending some time just making up “what if” stories. I told myself I wasn’t being serious so it didn’t count. You know, the usual attempt at rationalizing my talent away. Sound familiar?

But, here’s what I realized. It did count. It did matter. The stories I wrote on the forum board entertained those that read them, my children fell in love with the creativity of roleplaying games, and those what-if stories led me to come up with seeds for larger and better stories. It all mattered. It’s not the story’s fault if I decided to blow it off. Once I realized my mistake I began to fix it and I began to craft again.

I’m not published. I’d love to be but I’m not, not yet, and this brings me to another reason why Allegory Harbor is here.  It’s a journal for me to talk about the process of getting published, of fighting hard against your inner editor, about making a stand about something you believe in and pressing forward with it; even if that means you have to do it yourself!

See ya around the docks!

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  1. Megan permalink
    October 28, 2009 4:16 pm

    This? This has Glamour. This has my attention.

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